Crown Community #4 – Sean Morahan

Sean Morahan is a Crown Comedy favourite and regular. He has been around since the start back in Parramatta when Crown began. I met Sean at my 2nd gig ever. He was (and still is) approachable and friendly and we sat down and chatted before our sets. He is genuinely one of the nicest and funniest people getting around comedy in Sydney. Since then he has formed 10 Comedians for $10, a showcase show for some of the finest performers in Sydney. Initially at the Sydney Fringe, nowadays 10 for 10 is now held at multiple venues all over the city throughout the year. Keep an eye out, the next show could be near you!


Who are you?

It’s a bit unnerving that you start this interview with the first question I ask myself as I lie awake after a gig.  Next thing you’ll be asking “Why didn’t they laugh?” and “Why do you do this to yourself?”

Oops.  Too much information.


Err, I meant what do you call yourself and who are you in the Sydney Comedy scene?

Oh, right, yes, name and stuff.  I am Sean Morahan.  I perform stand-up and produce stand-up shows with people funnier than me.

 sean 3

How did you get into comedy?

On holiday with my girlfriend in the UK and Ireland in 2013, I tried to see my favourite comic, Jimmy Carr, live.  Everywhere we went he was booked out.  When we got to Dublin he was booked out again, but I went to the theatre in the afternoon, got a friendly chat going with the ticket clerk and two tickets magically appeared.

Jimmy Carr was brilliant live and that night, watching him on stage, I decided I would love to give comedy a go.

At the end of the show, Jimmy Carr said he would hang about if anyone wanted to say hello, grab an autograph or get fingered.  My girlfriend encouraged me to go and get fingered but I was too shy.

Back in Sydney, a mate of mine had done a comedy course where you had to perform in a pub at the end of the course and he thoroughly recommended it.  I did the course, performed at The Roxbury Hotel and really enjoyed it.

Shortly after, I did my first Open Mic in January 2014 at the Newtown Hotel (the old POS Comedy night) and now you can’t get rid of me.

I’ve since met Jimmy Carr a couple of times.  He was incredibly supportive.  And he has warm fingers.

sean 2


Were you the class clown in school?

In primary school, yes.  In high school it required more serious effort to sabotage my chances of getting a high-paying career.


Why do you go to comedy?

As well as performing and testing out my own new material, I like to see if there are comedians who might be a good fit for my group shows with  Several comedians have been invited to join our line-up after I saw them at Crown Comedy.

I also enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s expense.

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours that I don’t have a home to go to.



What do you like most about comedy?

I have met so many amazing, bloody funny people.

It’s always fun or learning.  Sometimes it’s both.

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumours that I don’t have a home to go to.


Comic or Audience?

Nice heckle.  Well done.


How did you hear about Crown Comedy?

Although I’m not it’s biological father, I was there for the birth and I neglect it as if it was one of my own.


Why do you like Crown Comedy?

I love seeing newbies getting up and giving it a go.  It reminds me how exhilarating it is when you first start in comedy.  It’s nearly as exhilarating as bombing 3 years later.

It’s also a very friendly room so, on stage, I hardly ever get things thrown at me.

And I get paid in stage time for this interview.


Can you tell us one of your favourite experiences at Crown?

My first-ever MC gig was at Crown. I was asked at the last minute to fill in for the MC who couldn’t make it, so I had no time beforehand to imagine how badly it could go wrong.  The comedy fairy must have kissed me on my sense of humour because I was blessed with a killer line-up and it was a very funny night.  There is no video to prove otherwise.


There you have it, another Crown Community done and dusted. Thank you to Sean for being a part of it. Follow Sean on Facebook to see what he is up to next, or come down to Crown this week, he may just drop in.

Crown Comedy


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